Happy Easter


The past two week has been really hectic. We started a new project in school where we are building an Arduino thingy, which then answers to the computer through code. Basically it means we’re building hardware – a machine answering to computer code. My team is building a kind of temperature monitor, but it will then answer to an app on our mobile phones.

Elvira Designs is really everything I am thinking about right now, and everything I want to think about too.. I am designing prints, fixing the new website (this is our current one, but we’re changing to another online store supplier), importing products, texts, images. It’s a lot to do, but I love doing it, and I love spending time with my dear friend Martina ❤ If you want to, we’d appreciate if you would follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter!

We’re working as hard as we can with Designa Din Blogg, but unfortunately there’s a lot of boring stuff left to do, like some of the pictures in some entries have disappeared so we have to take new screen shots for very many posts. Well, I think I might be able to do a lot during this weekend!

Happy Easter everyone!

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    1. Miss Elikia skriver:

      Love to see other women getting money! In other words, considering the society we live in it’s always refreshing seeing young women starting their own businesses. Good luck with everything and happy Easter to you too!

      Oh, I almost forgot…now following Elvira Designs on Instagram and Twitter ;) You didn’t mention Pinterest though. Not on there?

    2. Ditte skriver:

      Vad roligt med alla projekt och förstår att det är väldigt mycket som sker nu. Lycka till! Och jag vill gärna passa på att önska dig en riktigt Glad Påsk.

    3. Lina skriver:

      Glad påsk Sanna! :)

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