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A whole post about the project I’ve been mentioning for the last entries. I’ve got some questions here, on Facebook and on Instagram, like ”What is it that you do?” and so on.

Elvira Designs was born on the March 28th. I was at Martina’s, one of my oldest and dearest friends, to celebrate her 23rd birthday, and I was very keen to make the present look really nice. I bought this gigantic pink bow, pretty wrapping paper, but no card. Since I bought myself some calligraphy pens a couple of weeks ago, I though why not write her a card of my own? So I did. Martina was very happy with it, and she was kind of surprised that I’d written it myself. I believe everyone can do anything if they want to, and right now I want to learn calligraphy, so I started practicing. But that is probably a whole other story.

During that night, we started talking about this poster that Martina has on her wall. I know that it’s a very expensive poster, so I just asked her where she got it. She replied that she made it herself in Word… Lol, we laughed for a while and then both of us said something like ”One should do posters for a living”. Since I am a very easily frightened person I didn’t think a lot about it after that, but later that weekend Martina texted me saying we should do it, that she really wanted to start a poster business. Roberto has tried talking me into doing it, but I am too scared doing anything these days, lol. But when Martina, with her amazing sense of purpose, really wanted to do it, I thought ”Why the hell not?”. Three weeks later, we’re here. We have a website, our papers are filled in, we’re just waiting for the authorities to approve our application, we’ve booked a bar for a launching event, we’ve got like 50 different designs… Everything is almost done, it’s just that approval and our printing agency needs to get back to us. We’re having a new meeting with them next week and we hope they’ll have good news for us!

Of course I’ll tell you more about it during our journey, but I think this is going to be it for now. Dont forget to follow our project with Elvira Designs on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. Also we have a Swedish blog where we write about it.

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  1. Gillar verkligen din blogg

  2. jessica skriver:

    Hej, jag laddade ner till min blogg ett av dina gratis designs, och älskar den!! Jag undrar bara om du vet något sätt så att man skulle få mer än 3 inlägg att synas på startsidan! :) Tack på förhand!

  3. Wow så spännande med eget. ser fram emot att följa er resa!

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